I Went to Mexico!

One day, I followed my guidance and spontaneously visited my friend, Dunyah. As we talked, she shared that her brother had invited her to Mexico and she didn't want to go alone. I immediately raised my hand and said, "I'll go!"
And, so we went!

I've never been to Mexico except for border towns which are not a good representation of this beautiful country, so I was really excited about our trip. In the back of my mind, I wondered if I would be able to find a place to do a retreat.

A woman named Susan, picked us up at the airport and drove us to the home we'd be staying in thanks to Dunyah’s brother. Let's just say that this simple country girl got a taste of the good life! Wow!

Right outside of my bedroom was a gorgeous pool that we spent a lot of time in. We skinny-dipped under the full moon and talked about our dreams. It was a magical time.

Dunyah’s brother and his friend were doing an art show at a fancy resort restaurant. We hung out on the beach there, swam in the warm ocean and got massages. It was a relaxing and healing time. Did I mention the good life?

Fortunately, Dunyah has been studying Spanish because we weren't in a tourist destination and very few people spoke English. We were independent women and rode taxis to the market place, ate delicious food on sidewalks and Dunyah chatted with people in Spanish.
Southern Mexico is tropical, and it was in the upper 80’s while we were there, quite the contrast to the upper 30’s we left behind in Oregon. Flowers were blooming everywhere and the people there were so friendly to us Gringos.
Because of our remote location I gave up on the idea of finding a retreat space and just enjoyed my vacation. I had school work to do, but when you go to college on-line all you need is wi-fi! I even took an on-line proctored mid-term and got 100%.
A couple of days before we had to leave, Susan and her husband Bill came over for dinner. We told them all about belly dance then performed for them and got them up to join us. It was a fun evening!
Susan and Bill are retired Americans who now live in Mexico, and they asked me questions about my retreats. It turns out, they host retreats in their two homes and want me to come and do one there.
Really? Yes, really! What a wonderful opportunity. A dream come true!
So, stayed-tuned for more information about next year’s Mexico retreat the end of March. I’ll be posting details as soon as it’s all set up.
And if you’ve been wondering what happened to my Hawaii retreat; it’s still happening. Going back to college mixed with staffing problems at the retreat center I want to use has caused a delay. It will also be in 2018!
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Missing Mexico,