Change is happening!

I'm doing it!

My word for 2017 is CHANGE! Last week I wrote that in order to accomplish my heart's desires and goals I have to make some changes.

This week I am beginning to implement said changes.

I used a photo of my messy desk so you'all can see my reality. I used to stress about the mess, stress because I felt like I should be more neat and tidy and more organized.

Then, I finally understood that my brain just doesn't work that way! 

If I put something in a file folder, it's just gone. Out of sight, out of mind. You know! It's like when an infant focuses on yanking on your necklace and you tuck it under your collar and they immediately just go on to the next thing which is probably yanking on your earring. 

So, I need 'all the things' piled around me to keep my attention. 

A few years ago, I figured out I'm ADD, that my brain doesn't work in a 'normal' way and what a relief it was to finally have some answers. 

I'm also very creative, and my brain goes many directions within seconds. And, I'm perhaps a bit manic at times which my 16 hour work day this past Monday might attest to.

So, my new changes have included setting up a system to stay focused. Now mind you, this is something I've tried to do for years. But this year I'm doing it differently. Change! That word again.

My biggest struggle has been with consistency and follow up. It's the out of sight out of mind thing. For instance, I write a book, publish it and it's done. I go onto the next project or book instead of following up with telling people (beyond my personal circle) about my wonderful new book and getting it out into the world.

The sheet you see on top of my laptop is something I created this past Manic Monday. It has a daily list of to do things, a monthly theme and space to write the top 3-5 things I need to do that day. I also made a daily study list for my school work.

I have also created an actual daily routine! And, so far I'm sticking to it!

Each morning after my meditation and coffee, I work on my own business stuff until noon or 1 p.m. The rest of the day is for my school work and any appointments or committments I might have.

This may seem pretty mundane for most of you, but I've never been able to have a real routine. I had all the things I needed to do and many lists, but my brain would start to bounce. I'd get pulled in so many directions and lose track of time and get behind. I'd either feel pressured or feel like I had failed.

So having a routine and check off lists are my start to doing things differently.

Mondays are reserved just for my own stuff and this Monday it was 16 hours of full speed ahead getting shiz done! I loved it.

Here are just a few of the things I did. I updated my Mezdulene website, updated my events, created pages for my Divine Feminine retreats, changed the name of my Jareeda Facebook page to Bliss Belly Dance Books, lowered the price of Belly Dance Transformations on Amazon and Kindle for a sale, (not an easy task), made my daily list thingys and that's just a few of the things I did.

I really feel a sense of accomplishment which is a great feeling for me. I love accomplishing shiz!

Since then I've followed my routine and done even more like plan the workshop I'll be doing in Salem, Oregon on March 4th. I'm so excited about that one and will be posting more soon!

And I hope some of you find my new teaching tips section below helpful. 

So that's my week! I hope your week is equally fabulous! I hope that 2017 brings you exactly what you need and also what you want. 


In my opinion, one of the best things about belly dance is that there is no exact format. While some dance forms are regimented and taught exactly the same everywhere in the world, belly dance is like a living force that has no limitations.

On the other hand, because there is no universal accreditation, anyone can hang out a shingle and begin to teach.

I feel that it's important for a teacher to have credentials that include performance experience. A good teacher will not only teach how to dance, she will also create performance opportunities for her students.

Dance is a creative expression. It's all well and good to learn how to dance. It's great exercise and classes can be fun, a good escape from daily stresses and a good way to meet other women.

However, it's on the stage where true metamorphosis happens. This is where students overcome fear, where they learn to express their unique essence and gain confidence. This is where empowerment happens.

So, as a teacher, I feel that my job is much more than teaching my students how to dance. It's also teaching them costuming, entrances, exits, choreography, improvisation and stage presence. It's encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and grow and blossom.

Provide your students with performance opportunities! Have a hafla at the end of a class series, start a festival, ask for dance spots at local events. And if you really want to see them grow, encourage them to enter a competition. That's when things get serious and the real practice begins!