Belly Dance is Healing

I was recently asked to give a presentation on the healing aspects of belly dance to a local healing group, and I thought it would make a great topic for my blog.

Belly dance is an incredible and powerful healing modality for women, and even a few brave men who have come to this most feminine of art forms.

I once read a Facebook post by a woman who said, I only do my healing work now and no longer teach belly dance classes. Huh?  I know she was referring to Reiki and coaching, but how did she miss the healing powers of belly dance? ’m a Reiki Master, do Shamanic healing work and spiritual counseling, but belly dancing has been the most profound healing tool I’ve experienced.It heals on all levels. Physically it tones the muscles of the body, strengthens the muscles and joints and helps with posture and spinal alignment.  Emotionally, it helps us gain self-esteem and confidence, gives us a social outlet with other women and offers us the opportunity for fun. Spiritually, it connects us with the divine feminine, that holy sense of ourselves as spiritual beings and the connection to other women through time and space as we do movements that have been done for thousands of years, movements being done by thousands of women around the earth and movements that will continue to be done long into the future.

I have been honored to witness women walk into my beginner class with eyes down cast and shoulders slumped making a beeline to the back row and watch them blossom into confident women with heads held high, posture straight and smiles galore. I’ve watched them gain the self-empowerment to get out of abusive relationships, watched them heal past abuse issues and watched them go from walking with a cane or back brace as well as healing their physical issues.

In the Middle East there are healing dances such as the Zar where women dance themselves into a frenzy and collapse, releasing what is believed to be evil spirits or in our terms emotional distresses.

Belly dance helps us release blockages in our bodies where we’ve been conditioned to hold onto emotional baggage. It helps balance our Chakras and so much more.

On more than one occasion, I’ve danced while physically ill and been healed. I once sponsored a belly dance festival and the week before had some strange symptoms I hadn’t felt before. Someone suggested it might be high blood pressure so on Friday I went to the fire department and asked them to take my blood pressure. Indeed, it was really high and they encouraged me to see a Dr. I absolutely didn’t have time and told them I’d go on Monday. During my performance on Saturday night to live music with Americanistan, I felt an amazing sensation woosh through my body and knew I’d just had a healing. Sure enough, I had my blood pressure taken again and it was perfectly normal and has been for years since.

For me, one of the greatest healing aspects has been the community of belly dancers.  I have made many close and life-long friendships through the dance and I can travel anywhere and feel a sense of belonging by just contacting local belly dancers. I instantly have something in common with complete strangers, the passion of belly dance.

My dance community has given me the strength and support needed to survive the emotional storms of life, and my fellow dancers have also celebrated the joys of my life. 

Without a doubt, belly dance is powerfully healing.

If you have a story about how belly dance has brought healing to your life, please share it by sending it to me at I'm thinking about publishing a new book on this great subject.

Love and Light,