Dance is an expression of  what my soul is feeling.

When I dance, my body and spirit are joined in a personal expression of the essence of who I am.

Dance allows me to express and release emotions which otherwise must be curbed in      everyday life.

I can experience the joy it is to be a woman.

-author unknown

Situated in a rural setting, Mystical Oasis Dance Studio offers belly dance classes, drumming circles and more. As you walk through the door, you enter a magical oasis where your daily cares are left behind while you enjoy the company of other women.

Owner of Mystical Oasis Dance Studio and Director of Mystical Oasis Dance Co., Mezdulene is an Internationally acclaimed performer and instructor, producer of six instructional and performance videos and the sponsor of an annual belly dance retreat, Belly Dancer U.S.A. Competition and other festivals and concerts.

Mezdulene teaches from the heart and soul and enjoys watching her students blossom into beautiful dancers gaining not only a new skill but increased confidence and enhanced self-esteem as they learn to express their own individual essence.  Over the years, she and her students have won numerous awards.     She has taught and performed Internationally, with a career highlight of dancing in Luxor and Cairo, Egypt.

My favorite thing about Middle Eastern Dance is that it is a dance for all women, not just the young and agile.  There is so much diversity to Middle Eastern dance from folkloric to cabaret, that anyone can find a niche that feels comfortable to them.”

Weekly classes are offered on Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. followed by troupe practice at 7 p.m.

The Mystical Oasis Dance Company

We are committed to educating ourselves, increasing our knowledge and skills in the dances of the Middle East, as well as educating our community by exposing them to the music, dance and culture of the Middle East. We believe that music and dance are a universal language that speaks from the heart and soul.

Every performance is accompanied by a short narration of the history of our dance as we try to dispel some of the myths and misnomers around our art form.

Together, we are creating a sisterhood devoted to performing together, costuming together and sharing the dance with others.  We dance with passion and joy, and we love to donate our time to good causes. So, look for us at community events, and join the fun!

Book us for your next event or special occasion!

Dances available include:

Dance of the Ouled Nail (Algeria)

Cane Dance (Egyptian)

Persian Dance (Iran: formerly Persia)

Kashlamal (Turkish)

Shimmy Dances (Egypt)

Skirt Dances (Gypsy)

Fan Dances

Sword Dances

Veil & Cabaret

Soloists and groups are available!

Mezdulene is available for belly dance workshops and performance.

Belly Dance Workshop Topics

Veilwork including single, double, 1/2 circle and full circle cape (1-3 hrs)

Veil Play: Creative and Interactive Fun (15-30 min.)

Balancing and Props including sword, cane, tray....(1 hr

Hypnotic Hands and Arms (1-2 hrs)

Power Hips (1-2 hrs)

Stage Presence, Expression/Attitude including Entrances and Exits (1 hr)

Dancing your essence (1 hr)

Goddess Dances (1 hr)

Fan Veil Choreography (1-2 hr)

Step Combinations-Slow or Fast (1-2 hrs)

Competition Savvy (1 hr)

Karsilama (9/8) Skirt Choreography (2 hr)

Pharonic Choreography (1 hr)

Cane Choreography (1-2 hrs)

Shimmy Dance Choreography (1-2 hrs)

Veil Choreography (1-2 hrs)

Sword Choreography (1-2 hrs)