Welcome! I am Mezdulene, a divinely feminine empowerment mentor and belly dance book publisher among other things. Belly dance is my passion and my calling is to help women become empowered by overcoming their fears as they learn to dance and share the joy. I can assist you to get in touch with your personal divine femininity, to find healing and ultimately to live your dreams. 

I see the divinity in you and my gift is the ability to guide you to see your own divine self-worth and to help you gain the confidence you need to walk in your power.  I’ve been as low as you can go and I’ve also experienced miracles. My experiences have given me the insight and wisdom needed to relate to your needs as well as to lead you to personal empowerment and bliss.

I have 35 years of experience coaching and encouraging women in a loving and gentle manner as they learn to understand and express their own unique, individual essence that no one else can share and giving them the confidence to shine. 

It’s my job to help you overcome the obstacles that hold you back and keep you from being who you really are.  

I would love to work with you and be there for you as you manifest your desires!  Here is what I do:

Divine Feminine Belly Dance

I have found belly dance to be the best healing tool in the world to help women get in touch with their divinely feminine selves.

I call my teaching, ‘beyond technique.’ Many people can teach you the technique, but what I teach goes beyond that taking the dance to a deeper and profoundly healing level, teaching you to get in touch with your own personal power and to express your own unique essence.

When I started dancing, I was profoundly shy and living in a world of fear. Shyness is all about fear, and belly dancing helped me to overcome my fears. At first I was insistent that I would ‘NEVER’ perform, but then I pushed myself to overcome fear and get on that stage. I went from fear to pure terror! I was shaking so hard but later was complimented on my amazing vibrating snake arms! What a gift I was given to be shown that there is more than one perspective.

When I began learning belly dancing, I was also extremely self-conscious with a very bad body image and literally no self-esteem.  And, did I mention that I hated being a woman? As a child I believed that if only I had been a boy my father would love me. As I grew up, I was told I couldn’t do this or that because I wasn’t a boy; I was conditioned to believe I wasn’t as valuable as a male.

Ha Ha! What a bunch of bunk!

Belly dancing helped me get in touch with my feminine essence, helped me feel comfortable in my womanly skin and helped me understand the power of womanhood.

Whew! What a huge lesson!

Belly dancing is an ancient art form dating back to pre-written history. Once upon a time, women were revered and worshipped for their ability to create and nourish life. (Of course this was before men knew they had something to do with it!)  It was a woman’s dance, passed down through generations from mother to daughter.

While it’s roots are in the Middle East, belly dance today has spread around the world. I love to imagine that I am in a time-space continuum where I am doing the movements that my sister-ancestors did thousands of years ago that my sister-dancers around the world are currently doing and that my sister-students will continue todo and teach far into the future.

Belly dance is a way to connect to the divine feminine, develop confidence and self-esteem and have fun while learning to walk in grace and power. I love watching my students blossom into the divinely beautiful women they are meant to be.

If you feel so called, I would be happy to work with you and take you ‘beyond technique’ and into the soul of belly dance. 


I love to write! I’ve had poetry, short stories and essays published many times over the years, but what I really wanted was to write books.  And, now I have!

My first book, “Dances with Veils, A Journey to the Divine Feminine” tells about how belly dance has healed my life. It’s full of stories and information about belly dance and my personal transformation. I have also published a few compilations of women’s stories of empowerment through belly dance and a Middle Eastern cookbook.  Upcoming books will include ‘Wild, Wacky and Wonderful Weddings,’ another belly dance costuming book and ‘Reiki Radiance.’

Minister and Reiki Master

I'm a belly dancing minister! Yes, I am, and I love to do inspirational public speaking and custom ceremonies for weddings and life celebrations. I also reach Reiki, a form of natural healing that takes place through sacred touch. 

So, as you can see, I'm a multi-faceted woman ready to assist you to personal empowerment with my bag of unique tools. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to make arrangements for working together. I look forward to being your guide.